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  • jamz (3 weeks ago): if you made the switches you're talking about in your list, how is the mythril golem working for you? in my testing, i wished i had alchemical lore in hand instead especially vs dragons. i do have to admit that the 5/6 body on the field is nice to help close games out. i recently cut my one copy for a third dragonflame mage. i'm running 2 fire chain currently so maybe i'll be able to revert back to playing 1 mythril golem 🤔🤔 and i absolutely need gabriel in my list asap!!! 
  • Sophiesalabim (4 weeks ago): Hi sorry  First deck but I definitely edited it and retitled it ❤️ thanks so much for the feedback!!!  Hope this is a better idea of what it is after playing in my first tournament 
  • ttrung1996 (4 weeks ago): Just curious in what way is this 'Rush' since there isn't ramp in Forestcraft and Thorn comes out on turn 8.
  • ToshiroUmezawa (1 month ago): So fast!
  • Garattic (1 month ago): Understood. I'm trying a build now where I play no self damaging effects utilizing bat and bat support so far so good I managed a win over dragon and haven by turn 6 consistently.
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