Community Discussion Guidelines

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OPGenesis 1 year ago

The following are the rules and guidelines which are to be followed if you wish to make use of the commenting and posting systems on ShadowCard. Users who do not follow these rules will be warned/banned. These rules are applied globally to the website.


As such, we will not abide by the following:

- Aggressive Mannerisms

- Name Calling

- Spreading of Misinformation

- User Targeting

- Low Effort Posting

- Spam Deck Description/Comments

- Marketing/Advertising

- Misuse of Report Functionality

- Explicit Custom Avatars

- Creating alt accounts to bypass bans/further harassment

- Exploitation of Website Mechanics

We want people to have a safe and enjoyable place to discuss Marvel Snap and the decks and cards we have hosted here. Shadowverse is enjoyed by people who can be a wide variety of age and as such these rules should be taken seriously. To do that we will be strongly enforcing rules to those who do not follow our guidelines. 

This may involve:

- Removing User Messages (which are replaced by a Moderator note)

- Strike-through Message + Moderator Note

- Giving Users a Warning

- Banning Users


We want to foster a good community here and we need your help to do that. If you see any user breaking any of the above rules, please make use of the report button.