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Deck History

2 weeks ago
+ 2Themis's Decree (BP01-131)+ 2Guardian Sun (BP01-149)+ 1Execution (BP01-169)+ 2Heavenly Aegis (BP02-089)+ 2Aether of the White Wing (BP04-098)+ 2Gilnelise, Omen of Craving (BP05-105)+ 3Craving's Splendor (BP05-113)+ 3Acolyte's Light (SD06-005)- 1Gabriel (BP01-151)- 2Lucifer (BP01-152)- 3Angelic Barrage (BP01-180)- 2Grimnir, War Cyclone (BP04-119)- 1Marwynn, Omen of Repose (BP05-086)- 2Ancient Protector (BP05-092)- 3Disciple of Repose (BP05-093)- 3Servant of Repose (BP05-097)

Deck Breakdown

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