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Deck History

8 months ago
+ 1Surefire Bullet (BP02-112)+ 2Falise, Leonardian Mage (BP03-041)+ 1Mr. Heinlein, Shadow Mage (BP03-045)+ 1Concentration (BP04-049)+ 2Dance x Clamour x Festival! (CP01-031)+ 1Long Night With the Witch Apprentice (CP01-034)+ 3Sorcery Cache (SD03-013)- 1Altered Fate (BP01-161)- 1Rimewind (BP02-041)- 2Star Reader Stella (BP04-041)- 1Chain of Calling (BP04-044)- 2Magic Owl (BP04-055)- 1Mystic Ring (BP04-126)- 1Fall from Grace (BP06-112)- 2Agnes Tachyon (CP01-027)

Deck Breakdown

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