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Deck History

1 month ago
+ 1Aurelia, Regal Saber (BP01-028)+ 3Ninja Trainee (BP01-042)+ 3Novice Trooper (BP01-048)+ 1Narita Brian (CP01-016)+ 3Latham, Vanguard Captain (SD02-002)+ 3Quickblader (SD02-012)- 1Cinderella (BP03-018)- 1Aiming to be a Lady, Salome (BP03-019)- 3Maisy, Red Riding Hood (BP03-022)- 2Young Ogrehunter Momo (BP03-027)- 2Kiss of the Princess (BP03-030)- 3Rapunzel (BP03-110)- 2Actress Feria (BP03-114)

Deck Breakdown

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