Alchemist's Workshop

  • TypeAmulet
  • ClassRune
  • TraitEarth Sigil
  • Cost2
  • StatsN/A
  • IDBP01-074

Card Ability

[Stack] Fanfare: Summon a Strikeform Golem. [Strikeform Golems are 2pp 3/2 Rune <Golem> followers with [Rush].]

Card Ability 2

Amulets with [Stack] enter play with 1 Stack counter attached and have the following effects: When this card leaves play, detach a Stack counter from this card instead. When this card has 0 Stack counters, destroy this card. Activate: [Act this card]: Choose another allied amulet with [Stack]. Move all of this card's Stack counters to that card.